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How long have you been making books? 

I wrote, illustrated, and bound my first book of poems at the age of ten, so I like to joke that I have 17 years experience. The more accurate answer is that I have been making books for six years now. My college thesis was actually a series of handbound books containing my own poetry, and to this day I still share my writing and glimpses of my sketchbook on this blog— I guess some things never really change! 

How did you learn to make books? 

I first learned to bind books in college. After becoming jaded with my Interior Design major and then suffering the loss of a very close friend, I became extremely disenchanted and withdrawn. I was looking for something new and exciting, and my love of books and writing led me to randomly sign up for a book arts class.

I immediately fell in love when I finally saw all of my passions intersect. I immersed myself into a world of paper, poetry, and needle and thread. I spent the last of my college years in bliss as I took as many  book arts, letterpress, writing, and entrepreneurship courses as I could fit in. 

As I swiftly fell in love with my craft, I wanted to know as much about the subject as possible. I spent my summers off school working at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts as an Education Assistant. I worked on their campus in exchange for week-long bookbinding, papermaking, and embroidery classes. I had finally found a medium that allowed me to shout who I was from the rooftops.

After graduation, I continued to learn bookmaking through various local workshops and self-guided study. I began to receive more and more requests for handmade books and finally opened the small bindery you see here in February of 2014.

With every page I fold and stitch I sew, I am reassured that I'm on the right path in life. I'm excited and thankful to share my skills and knowledge with others each and every day, and I'm endlessly grateful for the people who fuel my passion by continually supporting me and encouraging me to keep doing what I love.

You can learn more about me and this blog right here. If you're interested in commissioning a custom handmade book, feel free to message me above so we can chat!